I’ve been developing professionally for 6+ years using mainly the dotnet stack, first with asp.net for web development and then with Xamarin to work with cross-platform mobile apps, where I have specialized. 
I’m also expanding to the native mobile tech by working closely with kotlin and the native Android SDK.

On the DevOps side, I’m confortable setting up different deployment environments for web apps and APIs using Azure DevOps and use AppCenter to create automation pipelines of mobile apps from code to store.

How I Work

When working with clients, I make sure to keep everyone in the loop, sending an end-of-sprint email with all the details of what was accomplished and the new changes the application has along with all the relevant ticket numbers. Also, by using deployment automation, the client is able to get his hands on the application at any time and see and test the latest stable features.

When it comes to development, I enjoy writing clean, readable code with special care to avoid duplication and foreseeable bugs, as well as using standard design patterns and good practices to deliver high quality, testable code. At the same time, I make it part of my routine to work with the team whenever I find something that can be improved on the code base, may it be architectural changes, better ways to perform certain tasks or pointing out tech-debt to be addressed.

Of course, all this taking into account the project’s timeline, sprints, and deadlines. If something can’t be fixed right away or is too large to work at the moment, a task should be created but I always point it out opportunely.

Hatcx | Cost

HATCX | cost is a mobile app that lets you take control of your health care costs. Its main features allow users to search for procedures such as CT scans, connect to specialists performing them and know how much it will cost based on the user’s active insurance account

LinkMap OTDR

Linkmap OTDR is an app that can run either on Android mobile devices or AFL’s Rogue iB1 base unit to configure and perform tests on optic fiber cables and fiber groups, the results are displayed graphically and saved to a private cloud (aeRos) for archiving and reporting. The application can work either with online or offline configurations.

Academic System

The academic system of the Santo Domingo Technical Institute (INTEC) is a web app built to fill all the need of the student body, this includes a graphical representation of the career progress, current subject status, and grade, teacher & student grade revision appointments, various printable results, notifications among others.

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