Academic System

The academic system of the Santo Domingo Technical Institute (INTEC) is a web app built to fill all the need of the student body, this includes a graphical representation of the career progress, current subject status, and grade, teacher & student grade revision appointments, various printable results, notifications among others.

This project was built from the ground up by a team of three: a web designer, a database expert and myself as the main developer. For this particular project, I focused on ensuring services available on-site where available on the platform. This required, planning features, iterations cycles, continually delivering builds and receiving feedback from the project’s owners in a rapid development cycle to ensure everything worked as expected as fast as possible.

Once the project was delivered, we entered an optimizing phase, doing a performance upgrade from the database and the web server as well as revisiting UI/UX details to end up with a high-quality product that is still being used today.

Technologies Used