I’m Raul Montero, a software developer who discovered he could make computers do interesting things by the age of 15. After a while, the hobby became a craft and still is after 6+ years working professionally. Started with desktop, then the web and later on tackled the mobile train and fell in love.

A little bit of java, a little bit of Kotlin and a lot of C# later the journey became interesting enough to talk about it with others, share my experience, opinions and lessons learned along the way, hoping it serves you as well it has to me.

Why write a blog?

Being able to directly impact people’s lives with your work, giving them more quality time with those who matter is priceless, and a big responsibility. That’s why we should take the time to improve our skillset, create better code, collaborate and be constantly learning new concepts.

This is the reason I write, to share my experience, lessons and opinions in aims it can be helpful to you, to help you (and me along the way) to become a better professional, have the right mindset that goes beyond simply writing code that produces an output.

Basically, learning the mindset and skills that makes a software developer more than the average

  • Give more than the expected value
  • Deliver on time
  • Communicate opportunely
  • Attention to detail
  • Quality over quantity